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Feng Shui Tips for Students

Whether you are setting up a study area for your child or are a student going off to college, you may want to use some simple Feng Shui principles to enhance the study environment. The education and knowledge sector is located in the northeast, and it is ruled by the earth element.

  • When studying, be sure not to sit with your back to the door. If this is unavoidable, place a mirror on your desk so that you can see the door behind you.
  • Be sure to keep your study area clean and clutter free.
  • Do not to locate your desk beneath a beam, as this is considered oppressive and stifling to the thought process. If this is unavoidable, hang a bamboo wind chime from the beam to eliminate the negative effects of this type of structure.
  • Be sure that there is nothing sharp or pointed directed towards you as you sit in your chair. This includes book shelves. A hanging crystal will dissipate the "poison arrows" that radiate from these types of structures.
  • Ideally, there should be a solid wall behind you as you sit at your desk. In cases where there is a window at your back, keep the curtains or blinds closed, or place a screen between the window and your chair.
  • Energize the north-east corner of your study room by placing crystals, pottery objects, stones, or other symbolic earth objects in this area.
  • Placing and burning candles that are any earth tone color, red or orange, or one that energizes the earth element, in the northeast, is a great way to energize this sector. Lit candles are also calming and inspiring and will help remind you of your goals and aspirations.
  • Since fire produces earth, the colors red and orange in decorative items such as throw pillows, rugs, or curtains, would help to energize this area. Candles, wallpaper or posters with sun or star motifs, or anything that symbolizes fire can be used to energize the north east area. Be careful not to overdo it with red. A small amount goes a long way!
  • Good lighting in the study area is essential, but avoid spotlights. The energy emitted from these is too yang and can cause mental strain and exhaustion.
  • Hang a crystal in the northeast corner to further energize the earth element and enliven the "chi" or positive energy in the study area.
  • Place a statue of the Buddha on your desk or in your study area. The Buddha is symbolic of the embodiment of wisdom and knowledge, and stimulates the unconscious mind to become more receptive to learning.
  • Burning incense in the northeast corner of the study area is an excellent way to ignite education chi. Incense that is designed to enhance both the fire and earth elements is recommended and is especially effective if the incense burner is decorated with a dragon motif.


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