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Feng Shui Symbols and Statues

We are often asked what the Feng Shui items that we have in the store mean and how they are used. We have compiled a list of some of the most common items to assist you in using them. This is not a complete list of every item used in Feng Shui.

Bagua MirrorBagua Mirror (Alternate spellings are bagwa, pakua, pa kua, and baqua):
The Bagua mirror is believed to be a powerful protective amulet that will deflect negative or harmful influences. They are not to be used on the inside unless they are installed to face only the outside. The traditional flat mirror-centered wood baqua is used to protect your home and family. It has the protective bagua around the outside that is symbolic of the way a home should be arranged in order for energies to flow smoothly and a mirror in the center to reflect sha chi (the bad stuff). It is traditionally placed above the front door facing outward.

There are three different kinds: flat, concave and convex. The concave mirror is "in" so that it looks like a bowl. The concave mirror reverses sha chi (the bad stuff). The convex mirror is "out" so that it looks like a ball. The convex mirror expands positive energy reflected in it.

I did find one reference in my research to a bagua mirror that is used indoors. It is hung in the house to ward off the negative chi. One side is the picture of the head of the lion. There is a sword in its mouth to scare the evil away. The other side is the mirror with the zodiac signs surrounding it. The twelve zodiac signs mean harmony.

The outside of your house is the perfect place for bells which ring out the coming of prosperity and good news. Small bells made of metal should hang outside the front door if it faces between the North and the West. Use crystal or ceramic bells elsewhere.

(Good Luck) Coins(Good Luck) Coins:
In Feng Shui coins represent the element metal and symbolize wealth for they represent money.. These reproductions are fashioned after the ancient Chinese coin which is round with a square in the center. This represents heaven and earth, making it all the more powerful. Placing three or eight coins tied together with a red thread in the wealth sector or in your purse or wallet, taped onto your invoice book, or taped under the computer at work, is one of the most effective ways to attract money and revenues into your life. Bury nine coins in the soil of a plant in the wealth corner of your office or home. Symbolically as the plant or tree grows so too will abundance increase in your life.

(Good Luck) CoinsGiving three coins tied with red ribbon symbolizes sharing wealth and luck. This is a very auspicious act and brings positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver. Add three coins tied with red ribbon or thread in a red envelope (Hong Bao) to the gifts that you give to celebrate the weddings and birthdays of your family members and friends. Remember that it is the red thread that activates the yang energies of the coins and that by themselves, these coins do not have feng shui significance.

You may if wish use six, seven or eight coins as all of these are considered lucky numbers; do not use five as it is not a number conducive to wealth creation. Coins may also be tied together with red cord into a charm known as a "coin ball". Hang this in the wealth area of you home or business.

Crystal Balls:

Round, faceted crystal balls are one of Feng Shui's great cures for the adjustment of Chi, and are used to energize an area or to energetically expand an area that is cramped and uncomfortable.

The Dragon is deemed the luckiest and most sacred figure in Chinese folklore. It reputedly has absolute power and symbolizes honor, power and all that is right. Dragons enhance fame and career prospects and should be placed near a door or window in order to guard your wealth and health. The Celestial Dragon ensures success for the patriarch of the family. To see him at his most powerful place him in the East of your home, but he can be displayed anywhere in your home, except bedrooms, to bring you and your family good luck. Chinese businesses often display dragons in their offices to increase their success. Place a dragon on the East of your desk to bring you good fortune and continued success.

Dragon Turtle:
This is one of the best representations of a long and prosperous life. A dragon turtle attracts prosperity to your business and improves relationships with those around you. The dragon brings the Chi of success, courage and determination while the turtle symbolizes longevity. For added prosperity the dragon turtle is sitting on a pile of gold ingots and good luck coins. The baby turtle on its back signifies good luck for descendants. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (South-East) of an office or business facing toward the door.

Golden Pigs:
A pair of Golden Pigs will bring great prosperity and happiness to a household. A symbol of honesty and tolerance, the pig also signifies initiative and diligence. Golden Pigs are an excellent Feng Shui symbol when setting up a business or a new home.

The Chinese word for carp is "li" which means advantageous or lucrative. The carp symbolizes success in business through advantageous or beneficial means. Legend has it that the humble carp swims upstream against the rapid currents of the Yellow River to reach the Dragon Gate. Upon preparation it takes a courageous leap over the rapids and across the gate and transforms itself into the celestial dragon. Place this carp at your working desk to symbolize the attainment of success. For those who are studying, place the carp at your study desk to attract academic success. Goldfish are descendants of Koi carp which can live for over 100 years. Three gold fish in a bowl are a symbol of prosperity in the home. Statues or pictures of eight Koi carp are believed to invite good fortune into your home or business.

Fu Dogs:
Fu dogs are mythical creatures; the male is frequently shown with a ball, the female is shown with her paw on a pup. They are believed to be protectors that ward off evil influences and spirits. Therefore, it is recommended to place this exuberant pair fairly high at the main door to guard your office or home, with the male (the one with the ball) on the right side of the door (inside looking out) and the female on the other side. They may also be placed outside the door (in the same positions).

Fu' Lu' SouFu' Lu' Sou (Also called Fuk Luk Sau, Three Lucky Immortals, or The Three Star Gods):
These are the most revered of all Feng Shui deities as they represent Health, Wealth and Longevity (Prosperity/Wealth/Excellent Fortune, Power/Authority/Success and Longevity/Health). Though they are seldom worshipped, their very presence is thought to bring very good luck indeed, and as a result they are found in practically every Chinese home.

Lu is the God of high rank and affluence; he sometimes holds a small child (symbolizing wishes of healthy offspring, good fortune and hope of the future and the present). He is also seen at times holding the scepter of power and affluence (symbolizing the opportunity to better ones self and receive high rewards). Fu is the Star God of Happiness and Wealth, he is sometimes called Fu Hsing and favors are asked of him on the 20th day of the 7th moon. He sometimes stands one head taller than the other two Star Gods; he is always placed in the center of them. The God of Happiness and Wealth holds a symbol of gold (a gold ingot or a scroll) signifying wealth. The Star God of Health and Longevity is called Sao. He is recognized by his large head and he carries a walking stick in one hand, and a peach which only blossoms once every three thousand years (symbolizing immortality) in the other hand . It is considered lucky to wed in the month that the peach tree blossoms, signifying a long marriage.

The usual arrangement is Lu to the right, Fu in the center, and Sou on the left. The three Gods should be placed in an area that is higher than a table as a mark of their honor. An ideal place would be high on a sideboard over looking the dining table to bring the good fortune of always having enough food to eat and for staying in good health.

Gem Trees:
Gem Trees remind one of the Bonsai trees that have been popular in the Orient for centuries. It is a popular means of bringing the vibration of gem stones into one's environment. The Amethyst Gem Tree is believed to have great healing properties, bringing great strength, peace of mind and contentment. The Amethyst Gem Tree would make a lovely present for someone who is suffering from ill health as it can be used in calming the energies and adding an atmosphere of serenity to the home. Display the Amethyst Gem Tree in the Northeast of a room to promote improved health.

Rose quartz is well known as the Stone of Romance. Displaying the rose quartz gem tree in the Southwest area of the home or bedroom will encourage a healthy romance and can help strengthen the love between two people.

Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection:
The two sided Cat of Abundance and Protection is a unique Feng Shui statue. On the one side the Cat is smiling and holding its left paw up which represents good fortune and the attraction of money to you. On the other side the Cat is frowning and holding in its paw a broom. This symbolizes protection and the broom is to sweep away worry and trouble.

Golden Pigs:
A pair of Golden Pigs will bring great prosperity and happiness to a household. A symbol of honesty and tolerance, the pig also signifies initiative and diligence. Golden Pigs are an excellent Feng Shui symbol when setting up a business or a new home.

Gourd (Wu Lou, or Wu Lo)Gourd:
Gourd (Wu Lou, or Wu Lo) is a powerful longevity symbol. A representation of the gourd is said to bring good health and longevity. It is believed to ward off pernicious influences in the home.

Happy Buddha:
Please see our related article on the various types of Happy Buddha.

Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko):
In the beginning of the Edo period (17th century), there was a rundown temple in Setagaya, western part of Tokyo. The priest of the temple kept a pet cat, named Tama, and he sometimes complained to Tama about his poor situation, "Tama, I'm keeping you in spite of my poverty. So couldn't you do something for this temple? "

One day, Naotaka Ii who was the lord of Hikone district (western part of Japan near Kyoto) was caught in a storm near the temple on his way home from hunting. While avoiding the rain under a big tree in front of the temple, Naotaka noticed that a cat standing in the doorway of the temple had raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture. He was sure the cat was inviting him into the temple. As soon as he left the tree tempted by the cat's gesture, the tree was struck by lighting. Naotaka's life was saved by the cat, Tama.

Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko)In gratitude, Naotaka became closer to the priest of the temple. The rundown temple was appointed the Ii's family temple, and changed the temple's name to Goutokuji. Goutokuji became prosperous backed up by the Ii clan after that. Tama saved Naotaka from lighting, and saved the temple from its poverty at the same time.

After its death, Tama was buried at Goutokuji's cat cemetery with all due respect, and the Maneki Neko was invented in admiration of Tama. Traditionally, the cat with the left paw raised brings success in business and the cat with the right paw raised brings health and wealth to your home and family.

Money Turtle:
The Money Turtle sitting on a bed of Coins and Gold Ingots symbolizes that if we take our time to earn money we should live to a ripe old age to enjoy it and our retirement. The Turtle symbolizes wealth, longevity, strength and endurance

(Indoor) Plants:
The South East corners are the place to display your indoor plants to enrich their wealth potential.

Petty office politics is common in most workplaces. The best way to counter such negative and counterproductive energy is to display the figurine of a Rooster in the office. This will quell arguments, backstabbing and politicking.

(Protective) Sword of Coins:
The sword made of ancient style Chinese coins is said to prevent the bad chi from entering into your house. It can be hung behind you to ward off enemies. It is said to be most auspicious in enhancing prosperity. You can display it on the desk/table inside your house/office, facing outdoors, but not directly in front of the door.

Three Legged Frog or ToadThree Legged Frog or Toad:
Frog and toads are generally regarded as auspicious creatures to have around the garden, and the Chinese believe that if there is a whole family in your backyard, you will be protected from any dangers or bad luck which might be coming you way. It is the three legged frog, however that is supposed to be extremely auspicious. The three legged frog is usually depicted as having a coin in its mouth to signify him bringing gold into your home. This same symbolism can also mean taking gold out of the house, so the way the frog is placed becomes very important. Position the three legged frog symbols near the vicinity of the front door but facing inwards, as if it has just come into the house. Do not allow the frog to be placed directly facing the door. This symbolizes gold going out of the house. Gently place him inside your home next to the front door (on the floor where toads belong), and position him looking into the room; alternatively, place the frog at the far corner diagonally opposite the main door. Put it under a table, inside a cupboard, or hidden away under chairs and other furniture. It is often shown sitting upon a mound of coins and ingots, or atop a bagua, protecting your wealth.

Three turtles:
Three turtles one on top of each other symbolize the family unit supporting and caring for each other. The father is at the bottom with the youngest on the top, all working together for the good of the whole family. They bring peace, tranquility and togetherness for a lifetime.

Wealth Bucket:
Fill a decorative container made of metal with coins and place in the North West corner of your home or office. Keep the container inside a cabinet or draw. Do not display openly.


There are lots of sites on the web where you can get more information on Feng Shui. We especially recommend Angi Ma Wong's site www.FengShuiLady.com Off the Beaten Path thanks Phil from www.good-luck-coins.com for sharing the information on his site with our newsletter readers.

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